Frequently Asked Questions

E-Spending Stage Faq General FAQ

Attendout is an event, training, and voting management platform.

With Attendout, you can:

  • List events and training, have a personalized page for events and training, take registration for events and training, keep events and training data, and access events and training data individually and in bulk.
  • Categorize events and training into free and paid
  • Create custom registration questions, verify tickets and registrations, and set deadlines for registration
  • Create a voting page, add voting categories, create voting restriction level,  add participants and manage your voting result effectively
  • Create DP for your events and campaigns irrespective of whether it was created on Attendout or not
  • List brands


The 48 hours window is available to resolve any payment conflict that might have ensued during the registration process. It's a means to facilitate effortless withdrawal. 


The payment system is 100 percent reliable. However, every Payment has an invoice generated. If you send us your invoice code, we will be able to resolve your payment issue

While listing an event on Attendout, you will be asked if you would like to use QR verification. If you choose to use QR, your intending participants will be presented with a QR code for download after registration. If you are a premium user, your participants will also get a notification mail with the QR

For premium accounts, your participants will get an e-mail after registration with their QR code download link. The QR code can be retrieved from their mail anytime. For free accounts, you can verify their registrations through other means 


You can list your event on Attendout without using the QR feature. Also, there are other features on Attendout that you can choose not to use while listing your event. Only necessary features are required



  • Social Media Influencers
  • Event Planners and Managers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Event Vendors
  • Businesses
  • Trainers. etc.






Attendout is free to use. However, a 5 percent charge applies to paid events, training, and voting. Attendout has a premium plan which gives access to more cool features like receiving donation

After signing in, click on “My  Account.” Your account plan is shown beside your profile name. 

The account plans are:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Exclusive

Visit for details of the plans

Visit and select a suitable plan. There is a monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription for all kinds of premium 

Creating an event on Attendout is an easy process and it has been well-documented 

While listing events on Attendout, you can select whether you want to register specific persons or you want to make it open to the public.
When you choose to register specific persons, your registration will not be visible to the public and only your account can register people for your event. You will get QR for every registration you make. If you are a premium user, your registered participants will get the QR and registration notification in their mail

Yes. While creating an event, there is a feature that asks you for the number of maximum registrations you want to allow. 

Attendout has a wallet system that can be accessed by clicking “manage” and then clicking “withdraw revenue.” You will be required to secure your wallet with a 4 digit pin the first time you visit “withdraw revenue.” This pin will be required every time you attempt to make withdrawals. You can make a withdrawal anytime but you will receive funds 48 hours after a withdrawal has been made.