Mckodev Tech Lab Training - Cohort 7 (OAU)


Mckodev Tech Lab Training - Cohort 7 (OAU)

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Ife, Osun. Nigeria [NG]


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âž¡ Are you a Student of OAU?

âž¡ Do you desire to learn about web development and you don't know how to start?

âž¡ Are you a novice in web development and you don't know how to improve yourself? This is an opportunity for you.

Mckodev Tech Lab training would entail the following ( HTML, CSS, MySql, PHP, VANILLA JS , AJAX), the training would last for 10 weeks.

Introductory class is available where you will be briefed about how it's going to run and get all materials and installations needed for the training.

Successful trainees may get opportunity to join Mckodev Tech Lab Where they would be mentored deeply in web development  on Devops(GIT, NGINX,cloud computing), MVC and also gain more experience with us.

Reg Fee: #10,000
Tuition: FREE

You can learn anytime within class frame. Assignments are compulsory to be submitted in due time. 

Requirements: Applicants must have basic knowledge of at least  ONE of - Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop or any other equivalent.

All participants must have a laptop computer as the training is 100% practicals.


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No prior programming knowledge or skill is needed

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